As manager-for-a-time we can implement a new stable business or more specifically: department leadership. We can also set a stategically placed buisness unit in motion. Use us flexibly in planning, re-development, crisis management or to help with temporary personnel shortages. We are happy to help out with projects or special issues that are over reaching the capacities of your business. We can also offer support in finding a business successor. Our Temporary Management can give you the best possible help and be the perfect complement for those times when you are at a standstill.

Our plus points:

  • We work quickly to create a wide overview and get to the root of the problem
  • We are able to achieve acceptance with co workers through our know how
  • We offer experience through our projects in France, Spain and Guatemala
  • We accompany you during and after changes with advice and practical help
  • We are by your side in times of difficulty with whatever is needed
  • We offer a high success rate
  • We make ourselves available and do not create internal competition